We Empower, Support and Sustain Vulnerable Children with NO Vision for the Future.

Our Vision are two-fold which are Kingdom Kids Outreaches South Africa and Kingdom Kids Club. Kingdom Kids Outreaches South Africa is a ministry where we are reaching out to Children’s Homes, Schools, Non-Profit Organisations, families and individuals. Kingdom Kids Club (The NEW Generation) is a ministry where we are establishing CLUBS all over SA by raising up children for God’s Kingdom. This ministry emerged and was birthed in 2006 in the Western Cape, South Africa. We both saw the need to help the poor communities there. We focused on poor, abandoned and neglected children. With a “passion” for children since 1989, we believe that we are called to contribute towards positive changes in our beloved Country South Africa.

If you want to join Kingdom Kids Outreaches South Africa and make a difference in your community you can contact us at : James Potgieter at Whatsapp 072 746 0093, alternative 083 330 2061 or email: kingdombuilders.james@gmail.com

Our Vision is to empower and support and sustain vulnerable children with no vision for the future.

Our Mission Statement – Our “passion” is to see that every child steps into his/her God-given prophetic destiny and calling. Every child reaching his/her dream and by so doing inspire them towards “purpose” and “direction” in life.

In order to make payments to Kingdom Kids Outreaches South Africa, you can click on the PayPal button. You will be taken to a secure PayPal payment portal where you can make a contribution of any amount. Funds will be used to ensure that Kingdom Kids Outreaches South Africa runs properly.

Our Founders

James and Valerie Potgieter are the founders of Kingdom Kids Outreaches South Africa. With a passion for children since 1988, they are totally committed to making a difference in the lives of the children of South Africa. They were both ordained in 2001 as Pastors for children, youth and adults of our beloved country. They are called to raise future leaders of our country, leaders with integrity and vision. They have the God-given ability to pull out the God-given talents of the children and to help them to develop their potential to the full.

They have produced a CD with abandoned kids in order to prove to the world what can truly be done to the outcasts and abandoned children kids of South Africa. Also through the years, the children were trained in dancing and acting. They performed with James Potgieter on TV and the show was broadcast internationally. Through the years, they faithfully contributed in so many areas to help and to support the neglected, abused and abandoned children of our country.

Get Involved


We do a lot of good work with the help of our volunteers. We cannot dream to achieve the things we achieve without the help of our committed staff and volunteers. We are becoming more aggressive in the attaining of our goals and objectives and we thus need more volunteers.


Valerie and James offer training in Puppeteering, Clowning, Mime and Spiritual dancing. Our Name “MERRYMAKERS” refers to our Presentations. We have a lot of humour in our Programs and we brought much fun and laughter and happy faces to millions of young and old people.

Partner with Us

We welcome financial assistance from individuals and organisations to function properly and to meet the needs of the children’s homes we support. When you support us you also support other smaller children’s homes that we work with so the impact you have is very great.


James and Valerie trained 9 candidates/students in Children’s Ministry on  26 January 2013 at The Light Christian Church in Klerksdorp, North-West, South Africa. James and Valerie are standing ready to launch your Sunday School/Children’s Church into a NEW dimension in God.

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